Information on the processing of personal data


All data submitted by candidates will be handled and saved – also by use of electronic media – with the sole purpose of conducting an objective and qualified assessment of said individuals for the job for which a selection or an in-depth assessment are being held.

For the same purpose, the candidates´ personal data can be saved by subjects indicated as “Professional Data Managers”.

On receiving a candidate´s CV, IT-Wire´s e-mail system will automatically reply to the sender´s e-mail address acknowledging the receipt of his/her curriculum vitae.


The submission of data by the candidate is completely optional. Failure to provide such personal data by the candidate, however, will prevent IT-Wire from taking the candidate into consideration during the course of the recruitment and selection or in-depth assessment process.


Candidates are invited not to disclose any confidential personal information (particularly related to their racial or ethnic group, religious and philosophical beliefs, political opinions, party or trade-union membership, affiliation to religious, philosophical or political organizations, nor personal data related to their health and sexual life).

All confidential information will be immediately deleted unless a written consent for the treatment is given by the candidate – after carefully reading this information – to IT-Wire and its client company.


For the purpose indicated under Para. 1 and for the sole requirements of the selection or in-depth assessment process, candidates’ personal data can only be transmitted to:
– Clients by whom IT-Wire has been appointed to conduct a selection or an in-depth assessment project;
– Any of its own subsidiaries or controlled companies.
The following subjects can have access to the data provided:
– the person responsible for the Information Systems in the Milan office, via Bianconi, 8 20139 Milan;
– the individuals charged with the treatment of personal data in the Milan office, via Bianconi, 8 20139 Milan;
– any personnel , not necessarily employed by IT-Wire, responsible for the operation and maintenance of electronic instruments, as delegated for the handling of data.
For the reasons mentioned under Para. 1, personal data may also be transmitted abroad, both to countries within the EU and outside the EU, under the provisions of article 28, Law 196/2003.
The Candidates’ personal information shall, however, not be disseminated.
IT-Wire will store the data for no longer than 12 months.


All interested parties shall at any time be able to exercise their rights concerning their personal data as conferred by article 7, Law 196/2003, and entirely quoted below:
“Art. 7 – Right of the interested parties to have access to personal data and other rights.

As far as the treatment of personal data is concerned, the interested party has the right to:
5.1. obtain confirmation of the existence of his/her own personal data, even if not yet stored, and to have them communicated to him/her in a comprehensible manner.
5.2. be informed about:
a) the source of such personal data;

b) the logic and the purpose of data processing;

c) the logic applied to data processed by means of electronic equipment;

d) the identity of the Owner, the persons responsible and the appointed representatives as per article 5, paragraph 2;

e) the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be transmitted or who have access to them as appointed representatives or persons in charge.

5.3. obtain:
a) updating, correction or – if so required – integration of data;

b) deletion, conversion into anonymous form or restriction of personal information if handled in breach of the law, including data that need not be necessarily stored for the purposes of collection or handling;

c) a statement whereby all operations mentioned under paras. a) and b), as well as what concerns their contents, have been notified to the recipients of such data, except when above compliance is impossible or requires the use of resources clearly disproportionate to the preservation of the individual’s rights.

5.4. oppose, either completely or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons, to the handling of data regarding him/her, however relevant for the purpose of the collection;

b) the handling of personal data with the purpose of disseminating commercial information, advertising or direct-sales material, or for conducting market surveys or interactive commercial communication.


IT-Wire S.r.l. based in Milan, via Bianconi, 8 20139 Milan, is in charge of processing the data.

Responsible for the processing is the manager of Information Systems for the Milan office, via Bianconi, 8 20139 Milan, also appointed for the purposes mentioned under article 7, Law 196/2003.

For any further information and communication about his/her data, the candidate can write by registered letter to IT-Wire srl Milano, or by e-mail to:

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